About Me


Ebony Jones-Kuye is a lifelong Los Angeles resident who loves Thriller movies and learning about History. In between working in HR Recruiting, hanging with her husband and daughter, and being active in Top Ladies of Distinction which is a non-profit humanitarian organization, she has found the time to write her first book which is a true life story based on real events that happen in her life. Ebony and her mother faced devastating situations and not only fought to hold on to each other through poverty, discrimination, physical disabilities, death, but also to stand strong against the opposition that threatened to make them feel small and invisible…Donald Sterling.

Her first book, Stand For Something or Stand For Nothing has already received excellent reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads since it was released on July 27th. She is working on her second book which will be based on her experience in West Africa. It will come out in late Spring of 2016.

To learn more you can visit her website http://www.ebonyjoneskuye.com, follow her on Twitter @ebonyjones0521 or find out news at her Facebook fan page

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