Stand For Something or Stand For Nothing…I love what the UM students & football players did!


I am very proud of the football players at Missouri State University for standing up against injustice! I am tired of the “turn the other cheek” movement that keeps happening in this country especially when things happen to minorities in this country. As an African-American woman and parent of a college student, I would totally support my daughter to stand up against injustice of any kind. I am totally amazed at all the horrible racist comments that I am seeing on social media sites about the football players who demanded the resignation or removal of the University President Tim Wolfe due to his negligence of investigating all the racist events that have happen on UM campus.

So let me understand…as a student at UM¬†University, if I report racial slurs made to me while walking around campus, insensitive comments made by University faculty, swastika painted in human feces in the resident hall bathroom, and harsh treatment received by non-black students…I am wrong for that! Wow, some folks in this country really need to take racism 101 class! The football players and students who went on a hunger strike made a huge statement by saying they weren’t going to be ignored anymore and had every right to demand UM President Tim Wolfe resignation or was removal from his position due to his negligence of ignoring all the racial incidents reported. The football players who are majority African-American made a smart and tactical decision by not playing which would hurt the school financially! Financial power is huge and this what you must do to make a statement these days!

I am so happy to see our young people make stands across this country because we can’t be equal if a group of people are still treated wrongfully! Racism and hate is still big in this country and always seem to be swept under the rug which must stop Now! This is 2015 and it’s time to stop pretending that we live in “Kumbaya” world when we don’t! We are all humans and need to be treated that way! The students of UM protested and took a stand for their rights which should be applauded, not “put down!”

I think we all should take a page from these football players and students at University of Missouri…stand up for what is right even if that means you have to give up what you love! They took a page from the civil rights movement of the 60’s and didn’t start riots or cause fights but instead spoke up and said “No More!”

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