Donald Trump & Dr. Ben Carson…battle for the lead spot within the Republican Party!


It appears that we have Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson battling for front-runner of the Republican party by any means necessary! Donald Trump who is the Republican front-runner has repeatedly attacked Dr. Ben Carson since  polls have shown that Dr. Carson is ahead in Iowa. In a CNN interview, Donald Trump said Dr. Ben Carson is “very, very weak on immigration and foreign affairs” and he feels very strong in both areas.

On Friday, Donald Trump took a jab at Dr. Carson’s faith while discussing the Iowa polls. Dr. Carson attends a Seventh-day Adventist church, which Donald Trump suggested was less mainstream than his own Presbyterian church. Dr. Carson has been in hot water for his comments in invoking Nazism on such issues as health care coverage, Dr. Carson claims that he has received positive feedback from some Jews for the comparisons, which others have called inflammatory.

Donald Trump is too extreme to me with his viewpoints in regards to immigration, foreign affairs, and on environment. Donald Trump believes that illegal immigrants are “destroying the fabric of the country” while the middle class is getting “decimated.” He opposes efforts to grant legal status to undocumented immigrants, calling that a “suicide mission” for Republicans because “every one of those 11 million people will be voting Democratic.” Donald Trump proposes instead to fortify the nation’s borders by building “a real wall” to keep immigrants out. Mr. Trump claimed last month that he had devised a “foolproof way” to defeat the Islamic State “very quickly.” But he refused to divulge it, saying he did not “want the enemy to know what I’m doing.” He calls President Obama “one of the worst things that’s ever happened to Israel,” and blames him for deteriorating U.S.-Israeli relations. He thinks global warming is a hoax and that the Democrats are just trying to raise taxes.

Dr. Ben Carson doesn’t believe that there are race issues and feel that the media is just trying to divide the races, he believes that homosexuality is a choice…”prison turns men gay!”, he is okay with spying on government workers to make them work harder, he believes that law-abiding citizens should carry guns without registration, he believes ObamaCare is the worst program since slavery, he believes in the guest worker program similar to the Canadian program, and he believes that President Obama should send troops to fight the Islamic states and should not fear prosecution for its actions…”By any means necessary” attitude to win.

To me, these two men have no experience to be President of the United States! They haven’t held any government positions in their career which is scary to me! They are just saying things everyday that are sometimes ridiculous and crazy! We can’t vote for people who are making things up as they go and apologizing for certain statements when they are busted. This country is already in trouble! Immigration, taxes, and foreign affairs are huge topics for me and I want to see a candidate that is willing to challenge these topics with real solutions that are doable within the first four years of their term. I am for free healthcare for all Americans and I agree that ObamaCare needs revisions in a Big way, Immigration is a mess and needs to be corrected really fast in this country! We are a country of immigrants but we have laws and rules about being here…you have to earn the right and I do agree that all employers should require “English Only” in the workplace and to truly understand English when trying to obtain a driver license and employment. I am tired of seeing Americans getting passed over for not being bilingual for a job in America! I do believe the tax system needs to be revised and more money needs to be in the American pockets versus 25%-30% of their paycheck in the government bank. Our current tax system is hurting American families because the cost of living is increasing daily while their paychecks stay the same which makes no sense!

I am a conservative Democrat and make no apologies for my viewpoints in this country. However, I do think we have huge issues with racial profiling, job discrimination, cost of education is too high and needs to be lower or free for college students, women and men are still treated differently in the workplace, and our country have gotten to relaxed on many issues that have caused our country to look weak in a lot of areas. In my party we have Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders running and I am a little disappointed that we don’t have more strong Democrat candidates besides these two. To me, Hilary is the old guard and Bernie is the better candidate who needs more endorsements and support from mainstream Democrat leaders. I hope Democrats and Independents come out in strives to vote because we don’t need a Trump or Carson in the white house! I have to say that America gives people an opportunity to do whatever they want, where else can you find two men who just woke up one day with no government experience and run for President of the United States and be taken seriously!

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump & Dr. Ben Carson…battle for the lead spot within the Republican Party!

  1. Crystalrose Romero October 26, 2015 / 4:03 am

    The fact that Trump is even talking about someone else’s religion is something I think should be left off topic especially since state and religion are supposed to be separate?


    • ebonyjones0521 October 26, 2015 / 4:04 am

      I agree! Trump is just needing something to say because he wants the world to think he has a lot to say! You made a good point! Thanks for visiting!


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