Another Shooting! We Need Gun Control Laws Changed ASAP!


Today another tragedy happen at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. It took ten minutes to kill nine people and wound seven other people! Just like that we have lost nine innocent people for no reason. What will it take for the government to change gun control laws in this country?  This is the 45th mass shooting on a school campus and 294th shooting in the United for 2015! This is incredible that these type of shootings are becoming normal news reporting these days. The gunman who is dead now is being reported as 26-year-old Chris Harper-Mercer who entered an Introduction to Expository Writing class around 10:30 a.m. this morning and asked people who were Christian to stand up and he started shooting them in the head and if they didn’t answer then he would shot them in the leg. What’s interesting is that he listed himself on his social pages as spiritual. This killing has nothing to do with his race which is biracial so I don’t want to hear this mess discussed by the media because I am already starting to see posts that he is mixed race and a black lives matter protester which doesn’t matter! This is about a man with mental issues that was allowed to get a gun and killed innocent people because of their religious choices. I respect all religions so let’s not start blaming non-Christians for this shooting. We don’t know what caused him to go kill Innocent people, we don’t know his background yet, and we don’t know if he had mental issues.

The victims deserve to be honored and celebrated! We need to learn more about the victims and celebrate their lives. The victims were people who were attending college to better themselves along with one professor who was trying to help people. I am glad that the President decided to pay respect to the victims and their families and to address gun control again today! We should hold our government officials accountable and demand changes or we will always see these mass killings across the nation. Roseburg, a town of 22,000 three hours south of Portland, has suffered tragedy before. In 2006, Roseburg High freshman Vincent Leodoro shot fellow student Joseph Monti four times in the back while both were in the school courtyard. Monti survived, and many Roseburg-area institutions, including Umpqua Community College, responded to the attack with new plans for how to handle and prevent active shooter scenarios.

I know the police don’t want to discuss the shooter but the people and world should know about him and any warning signs that we all can identify to prevent any more killings. We need to take the rest of the week and honor the victims that were killed, learn why the killer wanted to kill people, and find out if he had mental issues and how he obtained a gun. My heart goes out to the victims families as they mourn the loss of their loved ones and my heart goes out to the killer’s family because they have to deal with the blame, media, investigation, and finger-pointing and judgement! Vigils are happening all over Roseburg and other cities which is needed now. My prayers and condolences go out to these victims and their families. There will also need to be free counseling on the college campus for students and the victims that survived to try to deal with the aftermath.

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