Racism & Discrimination isn’t just happening in the United States!

too dark for London club

Today I came across an article posted by a friend on my Facebook page about four women that were discriminated against at a night club called DSTRKT in London. The club is known for its celebrities like Jay-Z, Drake, and Rihanna.  The four women Zalika Miller, Lin Mei, Symeon Brown, and Tasha Campbell arrived at the club on Saturday, September 26, 2015 after they were invited by a promoter named Daniel. Lin Mei told reporters she and her friends initially weren’t allowed in because the venue was at capacity. However, she noticed the club was still allowing White women entry. After Lin Mei spoke to Daniel, he informed them that Ugo Allessio (the club manager) wanted to see the women first. Faced with this upsetting info, Lin Mei went to speak with Ugo Allessio to see why the group was being turned away. According to Lin Mei, Ugo Allessio said she could come in because she is biracial, but her friends could not.

Keep in mind the club manager is Black! He was only letting biracial women in who weren’t dark skin or overweight by the club standards. He also recommended the ladies to visit a club called Case de Paris which would let them in right away.  This isn’t the first incident that the club has discriminated against Black people. This is 2015 and I don’t understand how this club could get away with these tactics! I am sorry but everyone around the world should be writing to venues that practice this type of discrimination! This is the only way to shine light on these situations. The celebrities that visit this club should also speak up because if it wasn’t for their Black fans some of them would not be successful today. However, I am aware that a lot of these celebrities request certain women in the club which is just foul!

The four ladies planned for a protest today against the club which I hope was successful. I am sorry but this club and any other venue should be closed down for this type of behavior! I am sure a few folks that do get into this club are aware of the discrimination but just turn the other cheek because they were approved admittance which is wrong! Don’t sell yourself short for admittance into a club especially if they have an issue with people of your race! Remember, this could be your mother, aunt, sister, and any relative and friend that gets denied. I hope that people stand up against this and any other venue that practices this type of discrimination. Discrimination is getting out of control these days and it will take everyone to speak against it if we want a real change in this world! I will be sending emails and writing letters to the club owner and any other venue that feels discrimination is the right way to go in 2015! I will also speak up against any celebrity that still wants to support this type of venue. I am passionate about this type of discrimination because my mother and I fought against racism and discrimination over 10 years ago with one of the richest men in the world…former NBA Clippers owner Donald Sterling and it was hard but we needed to do that to make things better for people of color!

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