Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis is now a Republican… Is this important?


Yesterday Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis announced that she is switching political teams. She was a long supporter of the Democrat party but switched due to the Republican party showing major support for her decision to not issue wedding licenses to gay and lesbian couples due to her religion. Why is this news worthy? I can see why it’s important to some folks because there are a lot of people who are in similar situations like Kim Davis when it comes to their religion and beliefs. This may be a small portion of the Democrat supporters but at the look of things within this election…each party needs everyone votes! This presidential election looks a lot different from the last two presidential elections we have seen.

On Monday, lawyers for two gay couples and two straight couples questioned the validity of the new marriage licenses and asked a federal judge to order Kim Davis office to reissue them. If she refuses, the lawyers asked the judge to put the office in receivership and have someone else do it. Kim Davis is prepared to return to jail over her beliefs, according to an interview that aired Tuesday morning on “Good Morning America” — the first she’s given since her refusal to issue licenses gained national attention.

On Monday, lawyers for the American Civil Liberties Union wrote that the validity of the altered licenses is “questionable at best,” and the new licenses bring “humiliation and stigma” to the gay couples who receive them. They asked Judge Bunning to order Davis’ office to reissue the licenses. If Davis interferes, the lawyers say Bunning should place her office in a receivership for the purposes of issuing marriage licenses. The marriage licenses received by Rowan County couples will effectively feature a stamp that shows it was approved by the Federal Court versus County Clerk which will make couples feel like second class citizens.

I believe the government should listen to both sides and come up with a solution on this situation. Kim Davis is the County Clerk and by law she must give marriage licenses to everyone unless she agrees to step down from her role. The federal government could also keep Kim Davis in her role and appoint someone else to give the marriage licenses. There are certain duties that people of the Jewish or Muslim faith can’t do and companies make alternative solutions for these faiths. I think the government can do the same for Kim Davis. I believe in equal opportunity and equal rights but I also believe in equality of religion and practicing your faith without getting attacked. Guess what! Not everyone is going to agree in gay marriage and that is their right! Not everyone is going to believe in interracial marriage, believe in the same beliefs that you do, and it’s okay!

This country has long supported the Christian faith and won’t even let a non-Christian President run the country yet we are being a hypocrite when someone stands up for their faith. Believe it or not, there are bibles that state gay marriage is a sin depending on what bible you are following so let’s stop calling Kim Davis names and try to understand her choice! However, the government passed the gay marriage law and so the government must come up with a solution to make sure Kentucky follows the law which means that Kim Davis may have to step down! I know this is hard for a family that has long been a Democrat party supporter and plus Kim Davis mother was Kentucky County Clerk for 37 years. There are thousands of Kim Davis supporters that will make the switch to Republican but I totally understand that sometimes you have to go where you are supported. I understand her decision which doesn’t mean I support her decision because the Republican party isn’t supporting her out the goodness of their hearts, this is more for political reasons and they are just using her for their platform.

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