WTH is Going On when the Police can keep a Woman in a Psych Ward for 8 days due to her skin color!

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Here we go again with another article about police going over board! Kamilah Brock was held in a psych ward for eight days against her will, given unnecessary drugs, due to fact that they did not believe she owned a BMW…WTH! I couldn’t believe this when I read the news reports on Ms. Brock because this incident happen September 12, 2014, not 1960! Ms.Brock pulled up to a traffic light in Harlem, her music from her car stereo was playing loudly. An NYPD officer stopped her and asked why she was driving without her hands on the steering wheel, according to the lawsuit that was filed by her attorneys. Ms. Brock said she was dancing and singing at the stop light, the police officer told her to get out the car. Ms. Brock says she was taken into custody and transported to the NYPD’s 30th precinct. She was held for a few hours before being released without being charged with any crime. She was told to come back the next day and pick up her car, 2003 BMW 325Ci.

Ms. Brock showed up at a police substation to get her car the next day. Ms. Brock said that from the moment she told them about the BMW that she was looked at as a liar. The police put her in handcuffs and said they needed to put her in the handcuffs to take her to the car. Ms. Brock agreed and followed directions that were given by the police officers. “Then EMS approached me,” she continued. “And they said we’re gonna take you to your car. And I’m like, in an ambulance? I’m going to my car in an ambulance? I’m going to my car in an ambulance? I was just so confused.” Ms. Brock was taken instead to Harlem Hospital, where medical records obtained by her attorney, Michael Lamonsoff, show she was injected with powerful sedatives and forced to take doses of lithium.

The lawsuit says it was these three assertions that were the basis for the city determining that Brock was delusional and to diagnose her with bipolar disorder. According to Ms. Brock attorney, Ms. Brock had no history of mental illness. She did own the BMW. At the time, she was employed as a banker and had worked at Citibank, Chase and Astoria Bank. “If a white woman was trying to reclaim her BMW impounded by police, would she have been made a victim?” Ms. Brock attorney said to HuffPost. “Would she have been questioned? Would she have been subject to sarcastic comments? Would she be made to justify who she was in order to ask for help? I don’t think so. I do think race played a part in this.” When Brock was finally released from the hospital, the lawsuit states, she was slapped with a $13,000 medical bill plus diagnosed with bipolar.  The NYPD nor the City Law Department, which handles lawsuits filed against the city, responded to the allegations. However, the police department has only confirmed that Ms. Brock was taken into custody.

The police arrest doesn’t make any sense! This woman was in her car listening to music and dancing like we all do in our cars! She wasn’t driving a brand new BMW…it was a 2003! So I guess there shouldn’t be any African-Americans owning luxury cars, no matter what year! This is actually disturbing that she was arrested, car impounded, and taken to the psych ward and held against her will for 8 days plus diagnosed with bipolar. The police officer need to be let go for arresting her along with the police officers that handcuffed her and lied to her about getting her car after she agreed to get handcuffed. It’s funny, this woman followed the police officers rules and yet got treated like a criminal. This is unacceptable practices that keep happening everyday! I have experience “Driving while Black” and it’s insulting and disrespectful! Giving African-Americans a hard time because they are Black, driving a nice car, and have a good or decent job. Yet, this doesn’t happen to White Americans at all! We can’t say “All Lives Matter” when one group of people keep receiving injustice! This type of behavior must stop! I hope Ms. Brock sues the hell out of the police department because this should never happen to any human being!

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