50 years after the Watts Riot, what has changed?

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It will be 50 years exactly tomorrow since the Watts riots happen; August 11, 1965. The riots lasted for six days and ruined the beautiful community of Watts! In the predominantly black Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, racial tensions reached a breaking point after two white policemen beat a black motorist suspected of drunken driving. A crowd of spectators gathered near the corner of Avalon Boulevard and 116th Street to watch the arrest and soon grew angry by what they believed to be yet another incident of racially motivated abuse by the police. A riot soon began, spurred on by residents of Watts who were embittered after years of economic and political isolation. The rioters eventually ranged over a 50-square-mile area of South Central Los Angeles, looting stores, torching buildings, and beating whites as snipers fired at police and firefighters. Assistance of thousands of National Guardsmen, order was restored on August 16.

34 people ended up dead, over 1,000 people injured, 4,000 arrested, and over $40 million dollars in damage. Today, Watts is still predominantly poor but the demographics have shifted to more than 70 percent Latinos, many African-Americans moved to the suburbs in the Inland Empire or the Desert north of Los Angeles. Many African-American residents talk of feeling pushed out while Latinos are looking for their voice and building political power. The tensions are building between the two groups which makes no sense to me! I grew up with African-American, and Latino friends and was welcomed by their families. I don’t know what has changed except everyone fighting for power! It’s okay to share the power and have both representations in government! There s a truth in standing together builds power! The poor communities have African-American and Latino majority so why fight each other? At the end of the day we are tearing down our communities! There is enough room for both cultures and I think it’s critical to learn about each other! Sure we have different languages but we have a lot of similarities; both struggle everyday to be accepted, always looking to improve our children lives, family is important for the both of us, we love food, music, and big gatherings (Lol), and believe in God a lot! There is a beauty between the two cultures and we aren’t looking really smart fighting and killing each other especially since minorities are going to exceed Caucasians by 2020! We better stop all this hate and really try to come together as a community!

Ferguson Again!


What is going on with Ferguson county? Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death and a peaceful demonstration by 200 attendees breaks out into heated arguments and violence looking exactly like last year’s violence! The violence started after the police shot an African-American man whose name has been released as Tyrone Harris Jr. who is being held on a $250,000 cash-only bail bond. In a telephone interview Monday, Tyrone Harris Sr., who identified himself as Harris’s father, said that two girls who were with the younger Harris before he got shot said he didn’t have a gun. The police is claiming that they heard 40-50 shots from the group Tyrone Harris Jr. was around.

Dozens of people were arrested today in Ferguson. “The recent acts of violence will not be tolerated in a community that has worked so tirelessly over the last year to rebuild and become stronger,” Steve Stenger, the county executive, said in a statement. “The time and investment in Ferguson and Dellwood will not be destroyed by a few that wish to violate the rights of others.” Today, the office of Robert P. McCulloch, the St. Louis County prosecuting attorney, charged Tyrone Harris, 18, with 10 counts of assaulting law enforcement, shooting at a motor vehicle and armed criminal action as a result of this incident.

I think Ferguson has not healed like a lot of communities across America. Time goes by and people continue what they are doing but they never have a serious conversation about the real issues which causes situations like Ferguson! Racial hatred is growing in alarming numbers across America and people of color are even in more doubt of law enforcement these days. When an African-American mother has to train her kids to never question the police and say nothing so they can get home safely than we have a problem! When race and skin color has to be reminded to your children everyday, we have a problem! We don’t live in a green and purple world! We live a diverse country with different shades and cultures! Until we can sit down and have a real life conversation on race than we should plan on seeing more uprisings like Ferguson! We need all of community leaders, government leaders, church leaders, and of course our civil rights leaders to all come to the table with the communities that they service and have real conversations!

Racism and hate is real! Just look at South Carolina; another example of sweeping it under the rug! I have not heard much about Dylan Roof since the victim’s families forgave him! Again, the media and government should be communicating regular updates on him and letting us know that they are seeking justice for those victims. I even think President Obama need to be addressing these racial issues across the nation. If you think racism doesn’t exist than you are in denial! I believe we each should be held accountable for our actions; I don’t support anyone burning down communities to make a point or shooting at another human being to solve an issue! Besides demonstrations, we need to see more people of color siting on city councils across this country, voting more in local elections, and running for city council positions to really see the needed changes. We also need to have children of color realize that they are equal to anyone else and that they should not feel any lower because of their skin color, hair texture, or where they come from! Ferguson is one example of you can’t just try to sweep things under the rug and move on!

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Let’s Discuss the GOP Debate!

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The GOP debate was on Thursday night and I couldn’t wait to see it! That debate brought in over 24 million viewers which is incredible! I wasn’t alone in regards to wanting to see the 10 Republicans present their case and attack each other especially Mr. Donald Trump! The line-up included; Donald Trump, Mike Huckbee, Jeb Bush, Dr. Ben Carson, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Ohio Governor John Kasich, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. All different in backgrounds, religions, and a little diversity among the line-up which is rare with the GOP! There were two Cuban-Americans and one African-American within this line-up which was good to see! The all had various viewpoints on immigration, gay marriage, taxes, and military defense.

Now to review each candidate starting with Mr. Donald Trump who was cocky and overly confident with his comments and he came off defensive at times which confirm that he isn’t ready to be President! He needs to serve in other government roles. Just because he is the President of his companies doesn’t mean he is qualified to be President of the United States! Yes, I think he brought up good points in regards to immigration and border control but that’s all! I do believe that if he didn’t bring up immigration that the GOP and even Democrats would have stayed quiet on this important subject that has been an issue for many years! To me, Donald Trump is cruel towards women, rude, nasty, bossy, and I would never want to see him as the leader of the free world! He thinks we should just drop bombs on the Middle East and that is silly…you need a better strategy especially when there are innocent lives can get killed! Not every Middle Eastern person or Muslim are criminals!

Moving on…Mike Huckabee isn’t new to these presidential debates especially since he ran in 2008 and lost. He is very conservative, very religious, and kind of old school to me! However, he did get some brownie points for his viewpoints on cutting the IRS and implementing the FairTax which I totally agree with because I am tired of the IRS taking American hardworking dollars which puts a lot of families into poverty! I believe in getting rid of ObamaCare which is costing trillions of dollars and offers very bad medical plans to families at a high cost! I do agree with immigration reform and that people need to apply the right way to enter America. However, Mr. Huckabee doesn’t support women’s rights, doesn’t believe in amnesty for immigrants that are working in this country, he doesn’t support free college education which I do agree with President Obama for the first two years of college being free, and I understand that he believes in traditional marriage which fine but he needs to include the LGBT community in his plan because laws have been passed and we have to deal with these new changes.

Dr. Ben Carson is a smart and intelligent neurosurgeon who needs to stay in the medical field, period! He is very green along with Donald Trump! I couldn’t understand his viewpoint on racial hatred that is happening in this country! I am glad that he doesn’t look at color when he is conducting surgeries but he needs to have a realistic viewpoint in addressing the issue, period! We don’t live in a world where everyone is green and purple! He has no clue on a lot of the issues and we need an experienced President! I think he should start at pursuing a Senator or Governor role before running for President!

Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Scott Walker didn’t get enough face time to really go over how they would tackle issues if President. I was impressed with Marco Rubio family background of being a son of Cuban immigrants and his father was a bartender yet he is the Senator for Florida which proves hard work does pay off! All three men weren’t strong in their viewpoints and kind of sound the same. I think Marco Rubio is less conservative on border control, he believes in just implementing E-Verify for everything and that isn’t enough to me! Ted Cruz is very conservative with his viewpoints, I agree with his viewpoint on immigration but that is it! Scott Walker stopped the funding of Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin, he believes in lesser time to get a gun, and he doesn’t believe in amnesty.

John Kasich was my favorite of the evening he holds traditional marriage values but doesn’t slam the LGBT community and he wants to be inclusive with everyone which I wish Dr. Carson would have at least said that! John Kasich believes in ending racial profiling but he also wants to end equal opportunity programs and he believes in ending abortion except when rape or incest is involved. He also believes in making the death penalty harder to appeal, increase prison time for juveniles, he believes in lesser time on gun waiting period, and he believes in cutting welfare programs.

Jeb Bush is just another Bush to me! His father and big brother were President and I just can’t support him. We need new faces and ideas!  He believes in cutting welfare programs, cutting affirmative action, he believes in traditional marriage but recognize same-sex marriage, he doesn’t believe that gay people can be victims, he believes in building more jails and increasing minimum prison time which is silly because studies have shown that we need to build rehabilitation programs to reform criminals, he smoked weed in college but doesn’t support medical marijuana, he doesn’t believe in mandated safety seats for babies, and he does believe in the Dream Act, just not with federal support!

Chris Christie is like a conservative democrat to me; maybe because he is the Governor of a blue state! He does believe in supporting the middle-class, he is pro-life  and believes in banning abortions after 20 weeks which makes sense, he doesn’t believe in gay marriage but respect especially since it’s the law now, he believes in bail reform; strict bail on hard criminals and no bail for non-violent offense, he believes in drug treatment versus jail,  he believes in extending school until 6 pm and making it run 12 months a year, believes in early childhood programs, he believes in gun control reform, don’t believe in increasing minimum wage, believes in cutting unemployment but not government jobs, and he believes in no pathway to citizenship but supports college tuition for illegals…I am confused on his viewpoints!

And now the worst of all the candidates to me,,,Rand Paul who doesn’t believe in federal funding for abortions, does not support same-sex marriage, doesn’t support the IRS targeting the Tea party political groups, doesn’t believe in gun reform, believes in giving legal status to illegals but not citizenship, doesn’t believe in extending unemployment programs, and he is against the violence against women act which is scary to hear as a women!

These GOP candidates were different from what I have seen in the past. They looked different and sound different bu their viewpoints are somewhat extreme with the exception of Chris Christie! I will say the Democrats better have more than Hilary Clinton on their line-up. I am a Democrat like a lot of my family and friends but I do hold some conservative viewpoints on some issues but I am realistic! I am not a strong supporter of Hilary but I am dedicated to my party. However, I am listening to the GOP and watching how they emerge. Donald Trump is scary to me and it’s disturbing to see him keep rising in numbers. I totally understand that he speaks his mind and he is addressing issues that people want to hear but he isn’t the answer! I would prefer an inexperienced Dr. Ben Carson before Donald Trump any day! I will continue to watch this circus on both sides and give my opinion. I hope to hear from you on your thoughts in regards to the first GOP debate. I am looking forward to seeing the Democrat debate soon!

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Oh No Kelly Osbourne!


Okay, the hot topic today is Kelly Osbourne! I saw the clip of Kelly on the View today. She was trying to make point in regards to Donald Trump and his racial statement regarding Mexicans and immigration. Kelly said on the View, “If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?” This made Rosie Perez upset and looking angry by Kelly’s statement. This isn’t the first time Kelly has used the wrong words in expressing herself. Six months ago, Kelly made a remark about actress and singer Zendaya’s Oscar dreadlocks made her look as if she smelled like “patchouli and weed.”

I was very upset with Kelly’s statement about Zendaya’s hair and I totally understand how the Latino community feel about Kelly’s recent statement. I like Kelly Osbourne but I think she says the wrong words that gets her into a lot of hot water! Look, Kelly had a valid point with 43.6 percent of Latino women working in the service industry as maids and housekeepers per the recent Federal Labor Bureau report that was posted in February 2015. There is nothing wrong with working in the service industry…it’s an honest job! African-Americans worked heavy in that industry as maids, housekeepers, nannies, and cooks for many years until the Latinos came over in the 1980’s in heavy numbers and needed to work quickly, the service industry was an easy field to get into to take care of your family. Kelly just needed to bring on her facts and maybe used better words to explain what she was saying!

We can’t get upset at facts and real talk! If its real facts, I can’t get mad or upset at it! Donald Trump would lose a lot of his hotel revenue if majority of his housekeeping staff all of sudden quit! If you look at all the hotel’s in the United States and their staff, you will see the majority of them being Latino/Hispanic! A lot of rich and middle-class families would be without nannies, housekeepers, cooks, and maids! People, it’s the truth! However, please don’t take this as if Latinos/Hispanics have not made strides in other areas because that would be stupid to think that! Latinos are making achievements everyday in every field, just like African-Americans! African-Americans and Latinos have a very similar background in America and everyday are trying to make improvements and strides for its people! Latinos are a huge piece of America, period!

Back to Kelly! Kelly meant well and I know she is British and uses certain words that can come across just wrong! She has been in the United States for a while now so no excuses for not knowing what to say! When you are trying to make a point, please use correct words and bring on the facts! Kelly, please take some classes in using the right words when referring to people of different races and maybe talk to the Latino community on what to say next time! I have Latino/Hispanic friends…I am sure Kelly does if she lives in Los Angeles or New York, go talk with them on the politically correct way to say things! Kelly in’t getting a full pass on her comments but I totally understand what she was saying and it came from a place of “meaning well and trying to diss Donald Trump!”  Let’s not call Kelly a racist on this statement because this isn’t the case at all! She just used the wrong words and I think we all have at one point in our lives used wrong words to explain our viewpoints! You want to attack people with real racist viewpoints…look at the real racists like a Donald Trump!

Why is Everyone so Surprised with Caitlyn Jenner Political Viewpoints?


Bruce Jenner now known as Caitlyn Jenner may have changed his name and now living as a Transgender woman but she hasn’t changed her conservative Republican viewpoints. She loves Republican candidates Jeb Brush and Chris Christie. Caitlyn believes in cutting a lot of benefits for the poor which include a large number of LGBT community. Caitlyn spent 65 years as a white male, athlete, and Conservative Republican. Surprisingly, there are actually 21% Republicans in the LGBT community. Bruce (he was at the time of announcing his transition to Caitlyn) said in the 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer that he isn’t a big fan of President Obama, he is conservative, and he is Christian. He went on to say that he knows that the Conservative Republicans would have a hard time understanding Transgender but either Republicans or Democrats have a clear understanding of the Transgender community!

Jenner received praise, though, from the Log Cabin Republicans. “As the nation’s only organization representing LGBT conservatives and straight allies, Log Cabin Republicans congratulates Bruce Jenner in the tremendous courage he demonstrated tonight, being true to himself both in terms of his personal identity as well as his political identity,” said a  statement issued by executive director Gregory T. Angelo. “There is a home for you in Log Cabin Republicans — as there is for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender conservatives and straight allies.”

I am still trying to understand and educate myself about the Transgender community. However, I know the LGBT community have fought for equal marriage, equal work opportunities, and stood up against discrimination. Why would this community be so happy to have Caitlyn Jenner who really is coming off snobbish to me with her viewpoints. I could think of unsung Transgender heroes who would be a better face for the Transgender community. In regards to entertainers, I think LaVerne Cox would have been a better face for the Transgender community!

I often question if this was another publicity move for Caitlyn Jenner or does she even realize what she is saying when talking to the media. Now she has a reality show which is just too much and too fast! Take some time to really learn about you, volunteer in the LGBT community to understand the fight, and really digest your past political viewpoints and see if they truly support your Transgender community or even the LGBT community! I think it was too fast for ESPN to give Caitlyn the Espy award because she hasn’t even been Transgender for six months and yet we are giving awards! What about all the unsung heroes who have been fighting for the LGBT community for years? To me, that was a slap in the face to a lot of people within that community! That is like giving Rachel Dolezal an Image award for being African-American for one year…insult! The LGBT community have been fighting for years to obtain equality, don’t just sit back and let anyone represent your community! I hope that Caitlyn and other LGBT people get fully educated on how their conservative Republican viewpoints can impact their community!

Bobbi Kristina Laid to Rest Today

R&B singer Bobby Brown leaves a funeral service for his daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown Saturday, Aug. 1, 2015, in Alpharetta, Ga.  Bobbi Kristina, the ...

I am sure today is really a sad day for the families of Bobbi Brown and Whitney Houston. They buried Whitney Houston in 2012 and now they are burying Whitney and Bobby daughter, Bobbi Kristina. Bobbi Kristina is just 22-years-old and she had her life ahead of her. Bobbi Kristina was found faced-down and unresponsive in her townhouse bathtub which was similar to her mother death over 3 years ago. She was on life support for over 6 months and died on July 26, 2015.

The funeral service of Bobbi Kristina was held at St. James United Methodist Church in Alpharetta, Georgia. Bobby Brown looked so depressed and in shock over the death of his daughter. Chrissy Houston also looked very sad and depressed. Both have lost two angels in their lives. Whatever Bobby and Whitney issues were, they did love their daughter. Bobbi Kristina may have been depressed and needed help but she looked to the wrong folks to help her adjust after her mother died. I know she was seeing Nick Gordon who Whitney Houston raised as her son. There were reports of physical abuse and mental abuse but it appears it may have been too late for Bobbi Kristina. No one will truly know what happen to Bobbi Kristina especially since she is gone now.

There are reports that both families are fighting now especially over the estate that Whitney Houston left to Bobbi Kristina. There is about $18 million dollars at stake. Bobbi Kristina already received $2 million dollars of her $20 million dollars that Whitney left to her when she turned 21-years-old. Bobbi Kristina was entitled to get all her money when she hit 30-years-old. Whatever is left from Kristina’s $2 million will probably go to Bobby Brown. The way Whitney Houston set up her will is that if something should happen to Bobbi Kristina before she could get all her money, the estate would be divided between the Houston family and any money that Kristina received before her 30th birthday would go to Bobby Brown unless she was married. If Kristina and Nick were really married, the money that Kristina has in her bank account would have gone to Nick versus Bobby Brown.

Bobby Brown looks very real to me! No parent wants to see their children die before them! Bobby and Whitney had issues but that doesn’t mean they didn’t love their daughter. People are saying that Bobby has more children and he will get over it! That is the cruelest thing to say to a mourning parent, period! You can’t replace a dead child no matter how many other children you have! I am sure we will hear about the drama and fighting in the coming months but let’s give the family their time to mourn in privacy! I can’t imagine having to bury my child with the media chasing me down every minute! My condolences go out to both families and I pray that Bobbi Kristina is at rest and now smiling as she is with her mother Whitney in heaven!

What’s Going On in Baltimore?


Baltimore, MD has been voted one of the 7th dangerous cities to live in by Forbes magazine. I don’t follow magazines or social media to determine what city to move to because I know firsthand that the media can be bias when it comes to a city with a large African-American population. However, I am concern for the city because the crime that is increasing within the city right now. Baltimore has been fighting crime since the mid-80’s when crack hit the streets and ruin several African-American communities. Since Freddie Gray’s death in April 2015, homicides have gone up dramatically in the city and it appears that the city can’t control or won’t control the crime spree that is happening right now. I would have thought that Freddie Gray’s murder would have brought a community together and make them stand up for injustice across the city! This city is going backwards in regards to its reaction since Freddie Gray’s death! There has been 27 pharmacies looted since his death per NPR and small businesses are closing or moving out of the city. What’s interesting is that police arrests have drop by half since April of this year. I will assume that the police are protesting in their own way and not caring what happens in the African-American community because they are scared to be accused of racial hate or brutality.

A Baltimore city known as “Sandtown” is really experiencing an increase in crime and the criminals are enjoying the police not giving a damn! The police took an oath to serve and protect everyone, period! What happen to Freddie Gray was unfair and racist as hell in my opinion! However, I am disappointed to see my people destroy, scare, and hurt people in their own community that are already struggling and just trying to survive everyday! We as a people need to stop the “Black on Black” crime against each other! We can’t complain when a non-black person does it if we keep doing it! Just like when someone who is non-black says the N-word but yet we say nothing when an African-American says it! The world is looking at our communities especially during these times when hate crimes keep happening and we keep yelling “Black Lives Matter!” The “Black Lives Matter” movement applies to the African-American community too! If we can’t appreciate each other than why should we expect non-blacks to appreciate us?

I also believe that the Baltimore police officers that don’t want to protect and serve the African-American communities should just resign and find another profession! As a police officer you can’t pick and choose who you want to protect! All citizens deserve respect, fair treatment, and protection!  The city of Baltimore needs more youth organizations, employment, job training, more non-profits, more community leaders, and better police officers! When a city like Baltimore has seen over 45 homicides in just this month and over 189 homicides this year, there is a big problem! When the city’s police commissioner, Anthony Bates reach out for federal back-up that is a problem! The Baltimore mayor and commissioner need to sit down with the police union and figure out what officers need to be let go!

I am tired of seeing African-American men and women be killed by the hands of police and by our own hands! Soon, people won’t take our community serious if we don’t start acting like what we preach! If “Black Lives” really matter than act like it and stop hurting each other! Our communities can’t become strong if we don’t value ourselves! Instead of killing each other, we should be down at city hall demanding equality by the police to protect and serve our communities, joining city council, and cleaning up our communities! This type of senseless killings in Baltimore and many other cities across America with predominately African-Americans make no sense to me!