Why Aren’t We Hearing about the Jackson Family Murders that happen in Harris County, Texas?

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Why aren’t we hearing about the Jackson family that were killed two weeks ago on Saturday, August 8th, 2015 in Harris county which is located in Houston, Texas. I heard about this murder briefly on the news when the murders happen but the next day it disappeared! I am noticing a trend these days that people are getting angry and ready to just go after their victims with no remorse. This story is very hard to take because there were eight victims that David Conley killed for no reason! The victims have names: Valerie Jackson (wife and mother), Dwayne Jackson (husband and father), Dwayne Jackson Jr., 10, Nathaniel Jackson, 13, Honesty Jackson, 11, Caleb Jackson, 9, Trinity Jackson, 7, and Jonah Jackson, 6. There is something seriously wrong when someone can kill a family of eight especially children!

David Conley was Valerie’s ex-boyfriend and had a past history of harassing her and her husband, Dwayne Jackson. David Conley has a history of abuse towards Valerie Jackson but it appears he always get out of the charges. How can a man like this who has a history of physical abuse, pulling a knife on Valerie Jackson, and hurting children keep walking around and now have the nerve to get a gun and kill! Plus, why is there even a discussion in giving him the death penalty! This man killed children, give his butt the death penalty! I have never been a huge supporter of the death penalty due to innocent people being accused of crimes they didn’t commit but this idiot was found at the murder scene and even admitted to killing the family…I think God would understand why he doesn’t deserve to live!

David Conley’s violent history made the Jackson family change the locks on their doors, police investigators said, but that didn’t prevent him from crawling through a window and tied-up eight people and killed them on Saturday, August 8th, 2015.  Interesting, per the district attorney, Valerie Jackson sent a text message calling for help to her mother who called 911. Authorities said David Conley handcuffed the family and shot each of them execution style which is the most horrific way to kill a person; I can’t imagine what those children went through during the last minutes of their lives! I can’t imagine what Valerie and Dwayne were thinking and feeling as they watch this evil man kill their kids and later kill them.

David Conley was found after Valerie’s mother called 911 and alerted the Harris County Sheriff’s Office about conducting a welfare check at the Jackson family home around 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, August 8th. According to the police reports, no one answered the door at the Jackson home and they were notified that a man who was David Conley was inside the house, Conley already had outstanding warrants for his arrest on charges of aggravated assault of a family member. The Harris County police officers called for additional help which was the High Risk Operations Unit to help get entry into the Jackson family home. “David Conley had a history of family violence, and with no one answering the door, we felt that it required that,” said Deputy Thomas Gilliland of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Police officers surrounded the Jackson house and while they were checking for entry points at the windows, they did notice what appeared to be a dead child on the floor. As the police officers entered the house, David Conley started shooting at them. They left the house and called in the hostage negotiation team to take over to help get David Conley out the house. Finally after a few hours passed, David Conley surrendered to the negotiation team. Once the police officers went back into the Jackson house, they found the eight victims who all were dead.

David Conley had a criminal record dating back to 1988 with over 10 charges against him ranging from fleeing, robbery, damaging property, physical abuse, assault of a family member, trespass, retaliation, and now 3 more new charges of capital murder. In 2000, he was charged for wrapping an electrical cord around a baby and threaten to kill the mother who was his former girlfriend. I don’t understand how he was still walking around after that incident! Now the court is having a hard time determining if they will seek the death penalty or give him life in prison with no parole. A capital murder conviction in Texas calls for a sentence of either death or life in prison. The prosecutors will probably spend months reaching a final decision on whether to pursue a death sentence, the district attorney bluntly told reporters outside the courtroom that “it seems like a no-brainer.”

I will assume that David Conley obtained his gun on the streets because he would not even be allowed to get a gun with his criminal record. However, we must have harder terms when it comes to domestic abuse, endangering a child or children, and people who keep being a repeat offender of hard crimes. It also appears that Valerie Jackson was accustom to physical abuse because there are reports that her husband Dwayne Jackson had a history of domestic violence in his history. In 2012, Valerie Jackson filed an emergency protective order against her husband who she described as her estranged husband at that time. They did have four children together according to court documents and news media reports. She also made reports that her husband, Dwayne Jackson took her son’s social security card and her food stamps and hit her in the face several times in June 2012. Dwayne also threaten Valerie Jackson that he would bomb or set fire to her house and even shoot her house up if she left him.Dwayne Jackson was convicted in 2012 after he threw a brick at David Coley’s car according to news reports.

We as a people and community need to get involve and stop turning the other cheek! I don’t know why child protective services did not remove the children from the Jackson home after hearing all the violence that went down in that house!  I don’t know why Valerie Jackson stayed with either man because they both sound like woman abusers with criminal histories. I would assume that she believed in her husband or just scared for her life. David Conley has made comments that he killed them out of anger on how the kids were being raised and that one of the kids is said to be his own child which just adds more fuel to fire and a reason to give him the death penalty!  Where was the family of Valerie and Dwayne? Did the family just sit back and say nothing? I know if that would have been my sister and brother, I would have been going to court to seek temporary custody of the children until they could get theirselves together! However, there is no excuse to ever kill anyone and no reason at all to kill innocent children that deserve to be alive and enjoying their childhood! We need to demand justice for the Jackson family! The news media across the nation should be ashamed of not covering these murders and letting the world know who these victims were! Every victim deserve equal news coverage especially a horrific killing like this! I really feel that race (Valerie was White but her husband was Black & children were biracial) and financial status played a huge factor in this family not getting heavy coverage on CNN, Fox News, and other news outlets! I pray that the state of Texas pursue the death penalty and that the judge issues death immediately!

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