Goodreads Giveaway was a Great Success…647 People entered…3 Winners selected (Ohio, Canada, Australia)!

The Goodreads book giveaway was extremely successful in my eyes. I started this giveaway thinking a few people would enter but shockingly 647 people entered this giveaway. 3 people were selected by Goodreads and I am getting ready to send them a signed copy of my book within the next week. 3 Winners in 3 different locations across the globe; Ohio, Canada, and Australia…this is really mind-blowing to me because my book will be located across the world which is exciting to even think about! Congratulations to the Winners and I appreciate everyone that took the time to enter.

For those that are still interested in getting a free copy of my book…there is still another opportunity to try again. Please enter a chance to win on The link is listed below. The giveaway ends September 30th, 2015 and Booklikes will select the winners, You can also purchase my book via Amazon Kindle for $2.99 and print for $9.99. My print book is sold on Amazon, Createspace, and Barnes & Noble. I appreciate all the support & love that everyone is sending my way!

I am already working on my next book which is about me being an African-American woman and my personal experience traveling to West Africa and being married to a Nigerian man plus embracing his Nigerian family which has been awesome and such a beautiful experience. The book will drop in Spring 2016! This is exciting because it has been a beautiful journey learning about my African roots and experiencing a culture that my ancestors came from many years ago! However, there are similarities that African-Americans have with Africans of West Africa and we just don’t realize it!

(USA) Booklikes Giveaway Link:

(U.K.) Booklikes Giveaway Link:

Until next time!


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