Victims: WDBJ Journalists: Alison Parker & Adam Ward & Killer: Vester Flanagan…Gun Control, Racism, and Hate Is Getting Out Of Hand!



Here we go again! More pointless killings for no reason! Three lives were lost today and one woman is in the hospital which makes no sense to me! Alison Parker, Adam Ward, and Vester Flanagan are all dead. Alison Parker and Adam Ward are the true victims today. They were at work doing their jobs as usual when Vester Flanagan killed them out of rage and anger. They were working for WDBJ which is a CBS affiliate in Virginia.

It was approximately 6:45 am in the morning when both were killed in Moneta, Virginia. Both were young and had promising futures. Alison Parker was a dedicated journalist and reporter & Adam Ward was a cameraman. Alison Parker was in the middle of interviewing Vicki Gardner who is the head of Smith Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce when Vester Flanagan open fire on Alison Parker and killed her instantly and Vicki Gardner was shot in the back but survived and is in stable condition at this time. Vester Flanagan is seen in a video that he recorded holding a gun and shooting at Alison Parker three times while she was trying to escape and killing Adam Ward.

Vester Flanagan also died today after a car crash and a self-inflicted gun shot. The question is how could he get a gun? Again, another person with signs of mental issues that fooled the system and got access to a gun legally! Vester Flanagan had a long history of possible mental issues according to reports going back to 1999 when Vester Flanagan filed a discrimination lawsuit against WTWC-TV after firing him. Vester Flanagan said that he was a victim of discrimination and retaliation. WTWC-TV said that they actually fired him for profanity at work, misbehaving around co-workers, and refusing to follow directions.  Among other allegations, Flanagan claimed a producer at the station called him a “monkey” and that a black co-worker was told to “stop talking ebonics.” The TV station said that Vester Flanagan is lying yet they did reach a settlement a year later.

Vester Flanagan did fax over a 23-page manifesto this morning to ABC News stating the South Carolina murders of nine African-Americans motivated him to kill Alison Parker and Adam Ward. He also stated that the bullets used to kill them had the South Carolina victims names on the bullets…nothing has been confirmed yet! Vester Flanagan also used an alias name which is Williams to communicate his manifesto.

Vester Flanagan is claiming the killings are for the South Carolina victims yet he goes on to say that he has admiration for Columbine High School shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold and Virginia Tech gunman Seung-Hui Cho, who killed 32 people and wounded 17 others in 2007. “That’s my boy right there,” Williams writes of Cho. “He got NEARLY double the amount that Eric Harris and Dylann Klebold got … just sayin.'” Around 10 am, ABC did confirm a man who identified himself as Williams called the network, saying he had shot two people and that police were after him. He then hung up.

According to WDBJ-TV president and general manager, Jeff Marks said that Vester Flanagan was fired from the station two years ago, and the police had to be called to escort him from the building. Jeff Marks also claim that Vester Flanagan was very unhappy and that he had a reputation for being very difficult to deal with. Vester Flanagan is claiming that Alison Parker and Adam Ward made racist comments to him and nothing was done which caused the build-up in him. We won’t ever know if this was true or not but what we do know is that Vester Flanagan took two lives along with his life for no valid reasons. The two victims both had plans to get married, build their careers, and enjoy life. Now their families are left with memories and pain that can never really be healed!

Gun control needs to be reviewed and changed in this country! America has over 200 million people with guns…that is insane to me! I know it’s a constitutional right for people to bare arms but we can’t keep hearing about innocent people getting killed. We also need to hold Human Resources and Management more accountable to reacting quickly to reports of racism and harsh treatment…too many times I have watched HR and Management take their time on accusations. I also feel that if an employee is acting unusual that the company refers the employee to an outside counselor immediately…every company owes it to their employees to get them help and utilize the EAP (Employees Assistance Program) programs that are commonly available to all employees.  I know Vester Flanagan is claiming the South Carolina murders by Dylan Roof motivated him to kill today but I think this goes beyond that! Vester Flanagan is stating that he was gay, African-American, a victim of hate, and he felt picked on in this world. This all may be true but it does not justify killing people. Maybe if Vester had realized he needed help or if someone had helped him, we might all be talking about Donald Trump tonight versus the horrible murders of two innocent people and a mentally ill man! Alison Parker and Adam Ward were victims and didn’t deserve to die at all!

I have read people postings and comments that if this would have been two African-Americans killed by a white man, that the “Black Lives Movement” would be protesting and rioting. This isn’t true at all…i.e. South Carolina! Nine African-Americans were killed and their families forgave Dylan Roof two days after they were killed and there were no riots that happen. The Black Lives Matter Movement” is about police injustice, harassment, and murders plus stopping the Black on Black killings in many communities.  Today’s killings are about a man who had mental issues for years and needed help which should have been identified by his family, friends, and previous employers. This is someone who basically was crazy! We must as Americans get involve and help others that may need some help by telling someone when we see signs in someone.  Vester Flanagan was not killing in honor of African-Americans because in his manifesto he said that he hated Whites, Blacks, Latinos, and Asians. Vester Flanagan just found a way to excuse his behavior which really made no sense at all! Hopefully the deaths of the nine South Carolina victims and the two victims today will not be in vain, maybe this will make lawmakers pay attention and change the gun control laws in this country!

4 thoughts on “Victims: WDBJ Journalists: Alison Parker & Adam Ward & Killer: Vester Flanagan…Gun Control, Racism, and Hate Is Getting Out Of Hand!

  1. Sally A. Peckham August 28, 2015 / 2:35 am

    It’s very sad that so many innocent people die because of people like him. Feeling “picked on” is no excuse!!


    • ebonyjones0521 August 28, 2015 / 2:39 am

      Of there is no excuse but we must do better in this country with racism and gun control! There were warning signs of mental health that should have been handled a long time ago.


  2. Pattie T August 29, 2015 / 1:37 am

    Good article Ebony, I couldn’t agree more. Would you please consider an article regarding the Harris County massacre of a family of 8….6 children! This happened just 19 days ago but we’re not hearing much about it. Maybe it’s because this was a mixed race, lower income family. Maybe the fact that the gunman, although he had threatened to kill the mother ( his former girlfriend) and had a history of felony domestic abuse, was able to purchase the gun online with NO BACKGROUND CHECK! This massacre happened in the same neighborhood as the family of 6 murdered last year by the former boyfriend of the mother. Again, the gunman able to purchase a gun legally despite a history of violent behavior. 10 beautiful children gunned down before they had the chance to experience life…..this doesn’t even account for the children under the age of 12 killed every week playing with unsecured guns in their own homes or homes of their friends (that’s a topic for another day I suppose). Of all the women killed by guns worldwide, 84% are killed in the US. Of course the “arm everybody” mentality fueled by the NRA, will declare that “criminals will always find a way to get guns”…. even if that’s true how does that justify basically handing guns to criminals by not requiring background checks on ALL gun sales, not just at retail outlets but also online and gun show sale. Whats wrong with our society that we we are so enamored of our guns that we place the “rights?” of criminsls to easily buy guns over the rights of our precious children. This actually keeps me awake at night…..Nothing in my being can comprehend how anyone, especially responsible gun owners, can be okay with this!


    • ebonyjones0521 August 29, 2015 / 6:56 am

      So true Pattie! I will review the Harris County article tomorrow and write about it. I appreciate you dropping by and expressing your feelings and asking me to write about the Harris County event which I recall and even posted it on my FB page. You are right that it didn’t receive really any coverage. We must crate stronger laws and guidelines for better gun control in this country!


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