Black Lives Matter Movement Making A Real Statement!

I have to say that I am happy to see young African-Americans and just overall people speaking out against the racial hate that is happening in this country. For many years, we have seen limited number of speeches from the President to Community Leaders speak against the racial injustice that happens to African-Americans and people of color. Racism is real and is happening everyday to many people of different races, nationalities, and sexual orientation. However, I am going to concentrate this discussion on African-Americans right now. I have seen too many African-American men and women get killed for no real reason or explanation! Countless young men and women are ending up dead or beaten by law enforcement, vigilantes, or just people that don’t like African-Americans almost on a monthly basis like it’s just the normal thing to do! We have seen countless recent murders like Trayvon Martin who was killed by George Zimmerman because he looked “suspicious”, Michael Brown who was killed by the police due to an altercation, Samuel DuBose who was killed by a police officer in Cincinnati for driving without a front car tag, the nine church goers that were killed by Dylan Roof in Charleston, South Carolina while attending bible study, and Sandra Blend who was stopped by the police for a moving violation that only justified a ticket or warning but instead the police officer arrested her and three days later she ended up dead; it’s appearing like she died of asphyxiation per her toxicology report, asphyxiation is a result of strangulation. This is looking like the police report is inconsistent in regards to her death plus no one has explained the bruises on her arms and legs. All I can say is these deaths and many other deaths is getting out of hand!

There are thousands of African-Americans killed by our law enforcement which is tiring and disturbing! Yes, there is “Black on Black” killings and the “Black Lives Matter” movement is tacking that in the community too! However, there is no excuse for any law enforcement to just kill human lives! The term “Black Lives Matter” is not a racist term, what it means is that we must speak up and bring attention to the injustice that is happening in the African-American community n a daily basis!  Per an article in the Guardian investigation, Black Americans are more than twice as likely to be unarmed when killed during encounters with police as white people, which found 102 of 464 people killed so far this year in incidents with law enforcement officers were not carrying weapons. I have a daughter and everyday I worry about her when she leaves the house due to the increase killings of young African-Americans getting killed. African-Americans that were killed in 2014 outnumbered the African-Americans that died  in 9/11 which is horrible!

According to the Centers for Disease Control,there were 215 black victims of the 9/11 attacks (of which 136 men & 79 were women). The CDC even has data on education — 109 of those victims had college degrees. Getting correct data about people being killed by police in 2014 is not so easy. Estimates vary on the total number of African-Americans who died, but they tend to be around 1,000. I am happy that “Black Lives Matter” is growing and starting to hold our government leaders and even presidential candidates accountable this year (i.e. Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and the Republicans! We as African-Americans are always looked at last in regards to justice, equality, jobs, and education. However, the media is constantly reporting all the negatives when it comes to African-Americans. We as a people need to also hold people in our community to high standards in regards to “Black on Black” killings that need to stop (we can’t protest injustice if we don’t demand it to stop in our community too), support one another more, encourage our kids to complete college, promote small business ownership, and invest in African-American businesses that are in our communities. We must lead by example and demand respect and equal justice! We have to make a stand and make our voice is heard across the world! We must also partner better with other Blacks in Africa, Islands, and Europe! We are strong in numbers and our voice and vote does make an impact! Let’s keep pushing for justice, question injustice, and demand equal opportunity for ourselves and our future generations! I will use my voice to speak on equality and justice for my community and anyone of color!

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