Donald & His Immigration Plan…this isn’t even a realistic plan!


I agree that immigration is a huge subject that needs to be addressed in this country! However, it’s not Donald Trump unrealistic immigration plan that he just presented today! If he was elected to be President of the United States he would deny American citizenship to illegal immigrants children. A lot of countries have strict citizenship laws including a certain time a child of an illegal immigrant will be granted citizenship. However, United States constitution grants citizenship to any baby born to an illegal immigrant if the baby is born on U.S. soil. To even implement Donald Trump law you would need to change the United States 14th amendment within the constitution which would take more years than Donald Trump could be in the white house!

Mr. Trump also said he would waste little time rescinding President Barack Obama’s executive actions aimed at allowing as many as 3.7 million immigrants living illegally in the U.S. to remain in the country because of their U.S.-born relatives. Obama’s November 2014 actions were halted by temporary injunctions ordered by several federal courts in rulings challenging his executive powers to alter immigration policies without congressional approval. This could lead to many cases in the Supreme Court and expensive court costs that would be picked up by the tax payer which is you and me!

I think we need to build a wall across the Mexico border because everyone goes into Mexico to get the United States (i.e. Central America, Middle East, Africa, and even Asia), partner hard with Mexico and other countries to make sure people can’t bribe their way across the borders, make sure that people who are flying into the United States are leaving when their visa expires, don’t allow companies to hire people from other countries immediately without exhausting all their candidate searches within the United States, make sure immigrants that are coming to the United States go through English language courses and can read English before getting citizenship, make sure that each immigrant that applies for citizenship get a full background check cleared and make sure they get a job within a year of being in the United States, and make sure immigrants can’t get approved for federal and government state benefits such as welfare and food stamps; only medical for at least the first two years of them entering the United States. I believe in strict immigration laws because this country is getting into debt due to the high cost of illegal immigration.

The United States is made up of immigrants but this country must impose better immigration laws to continue giving our children opportunities. We will always need immigrants from all over because it helps this country be unique but it must uphold fair immigration laws and stop turning the other cheek when it comes to immigration. Stronger immigration laws isn’t racist! All countries have strict immigration laws and requirements. People come to the United States for a better life for themselves and their families, your don’t leave one country to end up in the same country, meaning you came here for a better life, if we have so many illegal immigrants, criminals that get over here illegally from all over; not just Mexico, make sure people that are over staying their visas return to their country ASAP! The United States resources are getting drained and crime is increasing, cost of living is increasing, education resources are limited, jobs are limited, welfare costs are getting out of hand, and Americans are feeling like second-hand citizens in their own country which is causing presidential candidates like Donald Trump to be relevant!

Democrats need to take notes and truly tackle the immigration issues. I am not a Republican by any means but I am more of a conservative Democrat who believes in strict laws in regards to certain immigration policies. I am proud of being an American and I love my country! I also believe in legal immigration because I believe America is a melting pot made of immigrants! We must make sure that our children and the next generations have opportunities within their own country. I would love to hear Hilary Clinton’s immigration reform platform. I will admit if Donald Trump hadn’t started the conversation on immigration that this topic would not be discussed by any candidate this year! I am in a way very happy that Donald Trump is in the race to shake things up and challenge folks but I am scared that people are really starting to listen to him which is making him a real viable candidate very fast which is the backlash for President Obama not doing a lot with immigration reform. I believe that we should allow everyone that is working and paying taxes to have a path way to citizenship and let the children that are already born to illegal immigrants stay. However, there needs to be guidelines and rules established to get full citizenship. I do think that everyone with a felony criminal record that is illegal need to be sent back to their original country. I don’t support kicking people out of the United States if they are following rules and contributing to this country! Please let me know your feedback on Donald Trump and illegal immigration.

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