Let’s Discuss the GOP Debate!

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The GOP debate was on Thursday night and I couldn’t wait to see it! That debate brought in over 24 million viewers which is incredible! I wasn’t alone in regards to wanting to see the 10 Republicans present their case and attack each other especially Mr. Donald Trump! The line-up included; Donald Trump, Mike Huckbee, Jeb Bush, Dr. Ben Carson, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Ohio Governor John Kasich, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. All different in backgrounds, religions, and a little diversity among the line-up which is rare with the GOP! There were two Cuban-Americans and one African-American within this line-up which was good to see! The all had various viewpoints on immigration, gay marriage, taxes, and military defense.

Now to review each candidate starting with Mr. Donald Trump who was cocky and overly confident with his comments and he came off defensive at times which confirm that he isn’t ready to be President! He needs to serve in other government roles. Just because he is the President of his companies doesn’t mean he is qualified to be President of the United States! Yes, I think he brought up good points in regards to immigration and border control but that’s all! I do believe that if he didn’t bring up immigration that the GOP and even Democrats would have stayed quiet on this important subject that has been an issue for many years! To me, Donald Trump is cruel towards women, rude, nasty, bossy, and I would never want to see him as the leader of the free world! He thinks we should just drop bombs on the Middle East and that is silly…you need a better strategy especially when there are innocent lives can get killed! Not every Middle Eastern person or Muslim are criminals!

Moving on…Mike Huckabee isn’t new to these presidential debates especially since he ran in 2008 and lost. He is very conservative, very religious, and kind of old school to me! However, he did get some brownie points for his viewpoints on cutting the IRS and implementing the FairTax which I totally agree with because I am tired of the IRS taking American hardworking dollars which puts a lot of families into poverty! I believe in getting rid of ObamaCare which is costing trillions of dollars and offers very bad medical plans to families at a high cost! I do agree with immigration reform and that people need to apply the right way to enter America. However, Mr. Huckabee doesn’t support women’s rights, doesn’t believe in amnesty for immigrants that are working in this country, he doesn’t support free college education which I do agree with President Obama for the first two years of college being free, and I understand that he believes in traditional marriage which fine but he needs to include the LGBT community in his plan because laws have been passed and we have to deal with these new changes.

Dr. Ben Carson is a smart and intelligent neurosurgeon who needs to stay in the medical field, period! He is very green along with Donald Trump! I couldn’t understand his viewpoint on racial hatred that is happening in this country! I am glad that he doesn’t look at color when he is conducting surgeries but he needs to have a realistic viewpoint in addressing the issue, period! We don’t live in a world where everyone is green and purple! He has no clue on a lot of the issues and we need an experienced President! I think he should start at pursuing a Senator or Governor role before running for President!

Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Scott Walker didn’t get enough face time to really go over how they would tackle issues if President. I was impressed with Marco Rubio family background of being a son of Cuban immigrants and his father was a bartender yet he is the Senator for Florida which proves hard work does pay off! All three men weren’t strong in their viewpoints and kind of sound the same. I think Marco Rubio is less conservative on border control, he believes in just implementing E-Verify for everything and that isn’t enough to me! Ted Cruz is very conservative with his viewpoints, I agree with his viewpoint on immigration but that is it! Scott Walker stopped the funding of Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin, he believes in lesser time to get a gun, and he doesn’t believe in amnesty.

John Kasich was my favorite of the evening he holds traditional marriage values but doesn’t slam the LGBT community and he wants to be inclusive with everyone which I wish Dr. Carson would have at least said that! John Kasich believes in ending racial profiling but he also wants to end equal opportunity programs and he believes in ending abortion except when rape or incest is involved. He also believes in making the death penalty harder to appeal, increase prison time for juveniles, he believes in lesser time on gun waiting period, and he believes in cutting welfare programs.

Jeb Bush is just another Bush to me! His father and big brother were President and I just can’t support him. We need new faces and ideas!  He believes in cutting welfare programs, cutting affirmative action, he believes in traditional marriage but recognize same-sex marriage, he doesn’t believe that gay people can be victims, he believes in building more jails and increasing minimum prison time which is silly because studies have shown that we need to build rehabilitation programs to reform criminals, he smoked weed in college but doesn’t support medical marijuana, he doesn’t believe in mandated safety seats for babies, and he does believe in the Dream Act, just not with federal support!

Chris Christie is like a conservative democrat to me; maybe because he is the Governor of a blue state! He does believe in supporting the middle-class, he is pro-life  and believes in banning abortions after 20 weeks which makes sense, he doesn’t believe in gay marriage but respect especially since it’s the law now, he believes in bail reform; strict bail on hard criminals and no bail for non-violent offense, he believes in drug treatment versus jail,  he believes in extending school until 6 pm and making it run 12 months a year, believes in early childhood programs, he believes in gun control reform, don’t believe in increasing minimum wage, believes in cutting unemployment but not government jobs, and he believes in no pathway to citizenship but supports college tuition for illegals…I am confused on his viewpoints!

And now the worst of all the candidates to me,,,Rand Paul who doesn’t believe in federal funding for abortions, does not support same-sex marriage, doesn’t support the IRS targeting the Tea party political groups, doesn’t believe in gun reform, believes in giving legal status to illegals but not citizenship, doesn’t believe in extending unemployment programs, and he is against the violence against women act which is scary to hear as a women!

These GOP candidates were different from what I have seen in the past. They looked different and sound different bu their viewpoints are somewhat extreme with the exception of Chris Christie! I will say the Democrats better have more than Hilary Clinton on their line-up. I am a Democrat like a lot of my family and friends but I do hold some conservative viewpoints on some issues but I am realistic! I am not a strong supporter of Hilary but I am dedicated to my party. However, I am listening to the GOP and watching how they emerge. Donald Trump is scary to me and it’s disturbing to see him keep rising in numbers. I totally understand that he speaks his mind and he is addressing issues that people want to hear but he isn’t the answer! I would prefer an inexperienced Dr. Ben Carson before Donald Trump any day! I will continue to watch this circus on both sides and give my opinion. I hope to hear from you on your thoughts in regards to the first GOP debate. I am looking forward to seeing the Democrat debate soon!

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