What’s Going On in Baltimore?


Baltimore, MD has been voted one of the 7th dangerous cities to live in by Forbes magazine. I don’t follow magazines or social media to determine what city to move to because I know firsthand that the media can be bias when it comes to a city with a large African-American population. However, I am concern for the city because the crime that is increasing within the city right now. Baltimore has been fighting crime since the mid-80’s when crack hit the streets and ruin several African-American communities. Since Freddie Gray’s death in April 2015, homicides have gone up dramatically in the city and it appears that the city can’t control or won’t control the crime spree that is happening right now. I would have thought that Freddie Gray’s murder would have brought a community together and make them stand up for injustice across the city! This city is going backwards in regards to its reaction since Freddie Gray’s death! There has been 27 pharmacies looted since his death per NPR and small businesses are closing or moving out of the city. What’s interesting is that police arrests have drop by half since April of this year. I will assume that the police are protesting in their own way and not caring what happens in the African-American community because they are scared to be accused of racial hate or brutality.

A Baltimore city known as “Sandtown” is really experiencing an increase in crime and the criminals are enjoying the police not giving a damn! The police took an oath to serve and protect everyone, period! What happen to Freddie Gray was unfair and racist as hell in my opinion! However, I am disappointed to see my people destroy, scare, and hurt people in their own community that are already struggling and just trying to survive everyday! We as a people need to stop the “Black on Black” crime against each other! We can’t complain when a non-black person does it if we keep doing it! Just like when someone who is non-black says the N-word but yet we say nothing when an African-American says it! The world is looking at our communities especially during these times when hate crimes keep happening and we keep yelling “Black Lives Matter!” The “Black Lives Matter” movement applies to the African-American community too! If we can’t appreciate each other than why should we expect non-blacks to appreciate us?

I also believe that the Baltimore police officers that don’t want to protect and serve the African-American communities should just resign and find another profession! As a police officer you can’t pick and choose who you want to protect! All citizens deserve respect, fair treatment, and protection! ¬†The city of Baltimore needs more youth organizations, employment, job training, more non-profits, more community leaders, and better police officers! When a city like Baltimore has seen over 45 homicides in just this month and over 189 homicides this year, there is a big problem! When the city’s police commissioner, Anthony Bates reach out for federal back-up that is a problem! The Baltimore mayor and commissioner need to sit down with the police union and figure out what officers need to be let go!

I am tired of seeing African-American men and women be killed by the hands of police and by our own hands! Soon, people won’t take our community serious if we don’t start acting like what we preach! If “Black Lives” really matter than act like it and stop hurting each other! Our communities can’t become strong if we don’t value ourselves! Instead of killing each other, we should be down at city hall demanding equality by the police to protect and serve our communities, joining city council, and cleaning up our communities! This type of senseless killings in Baltimore and many other cities across America with predominately African-Americans make no sense to me!

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