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Why Aren’t We Hearing about the Jackson Family Murders that happen in Harris County, Texas?

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Why aren’t we hearing about the Jackson family that were killed two weeks ago on Saturday, August 8th, 2015 in Harris county which is located in Houston, Texas. I heard about this murder briefly on the news when the murders happen but the next day it disappeared! I am noticing a trend these days that people are getting angry and ready to just go after their victims with no remorse. This story is very hard to take because there were eight victims that David Conley killed for no reason! The victims have names: Valerie Jackson (wife and mother), Dwayne Jackson (husband and father), Dwayne Jackson Jr., 10, Nathaniel Jackson, 13, Honesty Jackson, 11, Caleb Jackson, 9, Trinity Jackson, 7, and Jonah Jackson, 6. There is something seriously wrong when someone can kill a family of eight especially children!

David Conley was Valerie’s ex-boyfriend and had a past history of harassing her and her husband, Dwayne Jackson. David Conley has a history of abuse towards Valerie Jackson but it appears he always get out of the charges. How can a man like this who has a history of physical abuse, pulling a knife on Valerie Jackson, and hurting children keep walking around and now have the nerve to get a gun and kill! Plus, why is there even a discussion in giving him the death penalty! This man killed children, give his butt the death penalty! I have never been a huge supporter of the death penalty due to innocent people being accused of crimes they didn’t commit but this idiot was found at the murder scene and even admitted to killing the family…I think God would understand why he doesn’t deserve to live!

David Conley’s violent history made the Jackson family change the locks on their doors, police investigators said, but that didn’t prevent him from crawling through a window and tied-up eight people and killed them on Saturday, August 8th, 2015.  Interesting, per the district attorney, Valerie Jackson sent a text message calling for help to her mother who called 911. Authorities said David Conley handcuffed the family and shot each of them execution style which is the most horrific way to kill a person; I can’t imagine what those children went through during the last minutes of their lives! I can’t imagine what Valerie and Dwayne were thinking and feeling as they watch this evil man kill their kids and later kill them.

David Conley was found after Valerie’s mother called 911 and alerted the Harris County Sheriff’s Office about conducting a welfare check at the Jackson family home around 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, August 8th. According to the police reports, no one answered the door at the Jackson home and they were notified that a man who was David Conley was inside the house, Conley already had outstanding warrants for his arrest on charges of aggravated assault of a family member. The Harris County police officers called for additional help which was the High Risk Operations Unit to help get entry into the Jackson family home. “David Conley had a history of family violence, and with no one answering the door, we felt that it required that,” said Deputy Thomas Gilliland of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Police officers surrounded the Jackson house and while they were checking for entry points at the windows, they did notice what appeared to be a dead child on the floor. As the police officers entered the house, David Conley started shooting at them. They left the house and called in the hostage negotiation team to take over to help get David Conley out the house. Finally after a few hours passed, David Conley surrendered to the negotiation team. Once the police officers went back into the Jackson house, they found the eight victims who all were dead.

David Conley had a criminal record dating back to 1988 with over 10 charges against him ranging from fleeing, robbery, damaging property, physical abuse, assault of a family member, trespass, retaliation, and now 3 more new charges of capital murder. In 2000, he was charged for wrapping an electrical cord around a baby and threaten to kill the mother who was his former girlfriend. I don’t understand how he was still walking around after that incident! Now the court is having a hard time determining if they will seek the death penalty or give him life in prison with no parole. A capital murder conviction in Texas calls for a sentence of either death or life in prison. The prosecutors will probably spend months reaching a final decision on whether to pursue a death sentence, the district attorney bluntly told reporters outside the courtroom that “it seems like a no-brainer.”

I will assume that David Conley obtained his gun on the streets because he would not even be allowed to get a gun with his criminal record. However, we must have harder terms when it comes to domestic abuse, endangering a child or children, and people who keep being a repeat offender of hard crimes. It also appears that Valerie Jackson was accustom to physical abuse because there are reports that her husband Dwayne Jackson had a history of domestic violence in his history. In 2012, Valerie Jackson filed an emergency protective order against her husband who she described as her estranged husband at that time. They did have four children together according to court documents and news media reports. She also made reports that her husband, Dwayne Jackson took her son’s social security card and her food stamps and hit her in the face several times in June 2012. Dwayne also threaten Valerie Jackson that he would bomb or set fire to her house and even shoot her house up if she left him.Dwayne Jackson was convicted in 2012 after he threw a brick at David Coley’s car according to news reports.

We as a people and community need to get involve and stop turning the other cheek! I don’t know why child protective services did not remove the children from the Jackson home after hearing all the violence that went down in that house!  I don’t know why Valerie Jackson stayed with either man because they both sound like woman abusers with criminal histories. I would assume that she believed in her husband or just scared for her life. David Conley has made comments that he killed them out of anger on how the kids were being raised and that one of the kids is said to be his own child which just adds more fuel to fire and a reason to give him the death penalty!  Where was the family of Valerie and Dwayne? Did the family just sit back and say nothing? I know if that would have been my sister and brother, I would have been going to court to seek temporary custody of the children until they could get theirselves together! However, there is no excuse to ever kill anyone and no reason at all to kill innocent children that deserve to be alive and enjoying their childhood! We need to demand justice for the Jackson family! The news media across the nation should be ashamed of not covering these murders and letting the world know who these victims were! Every victim deserve equal news coverage especially a horrific killing like this! I really feel that race (Valerie was White but her husband was Black & children were biracial) and financial status played a huge factor in this family not getting heavy coverage on CNN, Fox News, and other news outlets! I pray that the state of Texas pursue the death penalty and that the judge issues death immediately!

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Victims: WDBJ Journalists: Alison Parker & Adam Ward & Killer: Vester Flanagan…Gun Control, Racism, and Hate Is Getting Out Of Hand!



Here we go again! More pointless killings for no reason! Three lives were lost today and one woman is in the hospital which makes no sense to me! Alison Parker, Adam Ward, and Vester Flanagan are all dead. Alison Parker and Adam Ward are the true victims today. They were at work doing their jobs as usual when Vester Flanagan killed them out of rage and anger. They were working for WDBJ which is a CBS affiliate in Virginia.

It was approximately 6:45 am in the morning when both were killed in Moneta, Virginia. Both were young and had promising futures. Alison Parker was a dedicated journalist and reporter & Adam Ward was a cameraman. Alison Parker was in the middle of interviewing Vicki Gardner who is the head of Smith Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce when Vester Flanagan open fire on Alison Parker and killed her instantly and Vicki Gardner was shot in the back but survived and is in stable condition at this time. Vester Flanagan is seen in a video that he recorded holding a gun and shooting at Alison Parker three times while she was trying to escape and killing Adam Ward.

Vester Flanagan also died today after a car crash and a self-inflicted gun shot. The question is how could he get a gun? Again, another person with signs of mental issues that fooled the system and got access to a gun legally! Vester Flanagan had a long history of possible mental issues according to reports going back to 1999 when Vester Flanagan filed a discrimination lawsuit against WTWC-TV after firing him. Vester Flanagan said that he was a victim of discrimination and retaliation. WTWC-TV said that they actually fired him for profanity at work, misbehaving around co-workers, and refusing to follow directions.  Among other allegations, Flanagan claimed a producer at the station called him a “monkey” and that a black co-worker was told to “stop talking ebonics.” The TV station said that Vester Flanagan is lying yet they did reach a settlement a year later.

Vester Flanagan did fax over a 23-page manifesto this morning to ABC News stating the South Carolina murders of nine African-Americans motivated him to kill Alison Parker and Adam Ward. He also stated that the bullets used to kill them had the South Carolina victims names on the bullets…nothing has been confirmed yet! Vester Flanagan also used an alias name which is Williams to communicate his manifesto.

Vester Flanagan is claiming the killings are for the South Carolina victims yet he goes on to say that he has admiration for Columbine High School shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold and Virginia Tech gunman Seung-Hui Cho, who killed 32 people and wounded 17 others in 2007. “That’s my boy right there,” Williams writes of Cho. “He got NEARLY double the amount that Eric Harris and Dylann Klebold got … just sayin.'” Around 10 am, ABC did confirm a man who identified himself as Williams called the network, saying he had shot two people and that police were after him. He then hung up.

According to WDBJ-TV president and general manager, Jeff Marks said that Vester Flanagan was fired from the station two years ago, and the police had to be called to escort him from the building. Jeff Marks also claim that Vester Flanagan was very unhappy and that he had a reputation for being very difficult to deal with. Vester Flanagan is claiming that Alison Parker and Adam Ward made racist comments to him and nothing was done which caused the build-up in him. We won’t ever know if this was true or not but what we do know is that Vester Flanagan took two lives along with his life for no valid reasons. The two victims both had plans to get married, build their careers, and enjoy life. Now their families are left with memories and pain that can never really be healed!

Gun control needs to be reviewed and changed in this country! America has over 200 million people with guns…that is insane to me! I know it’s a constitutional right for people to bare arms but we can’t keep hearing about innocent people getting killed. We also need to hold Human Resources and Management more accountable to reacting quickly to reports of racism and harsh treatment…too many times I have watched HR and Management take their time on accusations. I also feel that if an employee is acting unusual that the company refers the employee to an outside counselor immediately…every company owes it to their employees to get them help and utilize the EAP (Employees Assistance Program) programs that are commonly available to all employees.  I know Vester Flanagan is claiming the South Carolina murders by Dylan Roof motivated him to kill today but I think this goes beyond that! Vester Flanagan is stating that he was gay, African-American, a victim of hate, and he felt picked on in this world. This all may be true but it does not justify killing people. Maybe if Vester had realized he needed help or if someone had helped him, we might all be talking about Donald Trump tonight versus the horrible murders of two innocent people and a mentally ill man! Alison Parker and Adam Ward were victims and didn’t deserve to die at all!

I have read people postings and comments that if this would have been two African-Americans killed by a white man, that the “Black Lives Movement” would be protesting and rioting. This isn’t true at all…i.e. South Carolina! Nine African-Americans were killed and their families forgave Dylan Roof two days after they were killed and there were no riots that happen. The Black Lives Matter Movement” is about police injustice, harassment, and murders plus stopping the Black on Black killings in many communities.  Today’s killings are about a man who had mental issues for years and needed help which should have been identified by his family, friends, and previous employers. This is someone who basically was crazy! We must as Americans get involve and help others that may need some help by telling someone when we see signs in someone.  Vester Flanagan was not killing in honor of African-Americans because in his manifesto he said that he hated Whites, Blacks, Latinos, and Asians. Vester Flanagan just found a way to excuse his behavior which really made no sense at all! Hopefully the deaths of the nine South Carolina victims and the two victims today will not be in vain, maybe this will make lawmakers pay attention and change the gun control laws in this country!

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Black Lives Matter Movement Making A Real Statement!

I have to say that I am happy to see young African-Americans and just overall people speaking out against the racial hate that is happening in this country. For many years, we have seen limited number of speeches from the President to Community Leaders speak against the racial injustice that happens to African-Americans and people of color. Racism is real and is happening everyday to many people of different races, nationalities, and sexual orientation. However, I am going to concentrate this discussion on African-Americans right now. I have seen too many African-American men and women get killed for no real reason or explanation! Countless young men and women are ending up dead or beaten by law enforcement, vigilantes, or just people that don’t like African-Americans almost on a monthly basis like it’s just the normal thing to do! We have seen countless recent murders like Trayvon Martin who was killed by George Zimmerman because he looked “suspicious”, Michael Brown who was killed by the police due to an altercation, Samuel DuBose who was killed by a police officer in Cincinnati for driving without a front car tag, the nine church goers that were killed by Dylan Roof in Charleston, South Carolina while attending bible study, and Sandra Blend who was stopped by the police for a moving violation that only justified a ticket or warning but instead the police officer arrested her and three days later she ended up dead; it’s appearing like she died of asphyxiation per her toxicology report, asphyxiation is a result of strangulation. This is looking like the police report is inconsistent in regards to her death plus no one has explained the bruises on her arms and legs. All I can say is these deaths and many other deaths is getting out of hand!

There are thousands of African-Americans killed by our law enforcement which is tiring and disturbing! Yes, there is “Black on Black” killings and the “Black Lives Matter” movement is tacking that in the community too! However, there is no excuse for any law enforcement to just kill human lives! The term “Black Lives Matter” is not a racist term, what it means is that we must speak up and bring attention to the injustice that is happening in the African-American community n a daily basis!  Per an article in the Guardian investigation, Black Americans are more than twice as likely to be unarmed when killed during encounters with police as white people, which found 102 of 464 people killed so far this year in incidents with law enforcement officers were not carrying weapons. I have a daughter and everyday I worry about her when she leaves the house due to the increase killings of young African-Americans getting killed. African-Americans that were killed in 2014 outnumbered the African-Americans that died  in 9/11 which is horrible!

According to the Centers for Disease Control,there were 215 black victims of the 9/11 attacks (of which 136 men & 79 were women). The CDC even has data on education — 109 of those victims had college degrees. Getting correct data about people being killed by police in 2014 is not so easy. Estimates vary on the total number of African-Americans who died, but they tend to be around 1,000. I am happy that “Black Lives Matter” is growing and starting to hold our government leaders and even presidential candidates accountable this year (i.e. Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and the Republicans! We as African-Americans are always looked at last in regards to justice, equality, jobs, and education. However, the media is constantly reporting all the negatives when it comes to African-Americans. We as a people need to also hold people in our community to high standards in regards to “Black on Black” killings that need to stop (we can’t protest injustice if we don’t demand it to stop in our community too), support one another more, encourage our kids to complete college, promote small business ownership, and invest in African-American businesses that are in our communities. We must lead by example and demand respect and equal justice! We have to make a stand and make our voice is heard across the world! We must also partner better with other Blacks in Africa, Islands, and Europe! We are strong in numbers and our voice and vote does make an impact! Let’s keep pushing for justice, question injustice, and demand equal opportunity for ourselves and our future generations! I will use my voice to speak on equality and justice for my community and anyone of color!

Donald & His Immigration Plan…this isn’t even a realistic plan!


I agree that immigration is a huge subject that needs to be addressed in this country! However, it’s not Donald Trump unrealistic immigration plan that he just presented today! If he was elected to be President of the United States he would deny American citizenship to illegal immigrants children. A lot of countries have strict citizenship laws including a certain time a child of an illegal immigrant will be granted citizenship. However, United States constitution grants citizenship to any baby born to an illegal immigrant if the baby is born on U.S. soil. To even implement Donald Trump law you would need to change the United States 14th amendment within the constitution which would take more years than Donald Trump could be in the white house!

Mr. Trump also said he would waste little time rescinding President Barack Obama’s executive actions aimed at allowing as many as 3.7 million immigrants living illegally in the U.S. to remain in the country because of their U.S.-born relatives. Obama’s November 2014 actions were halted by temporary injunctions ordered by several federal courts in rulings challenging his executive powers to alter immigration policies without congressional approval. This could lead to many cases in the Supreme Court and expensive court costs that would be picked up by the tax payer which is you and me!

I think we need to build a wall across the Mexico border because everyone goes into Mexico to get the United States (i.e. Central America, Middle East, Africa, and even Asia), partner hard with Mexico and other countries to make sure people can’t bribe their way across the borders, make sure that people who are flying into the United States are leaving when their visa expires, don’t allow companies to hire people from other countries immediately without exhausting all their candidate searches within the United States, make sure immigrants that are coming to the United States go through English language courses and can read English before getting citizenship, make sure that each immigrant that applies for citizenship get a full background check cleared and make sure they get a job within a year of being in the United States, and make sure immigrants can’t get approved for federal and government state benefits such as welfare and food stamps; only medical for at least the first two years of them entering the United States. I believe in strict immigration laws because this country is getting into debt due to the high cost of illegal immigration.

The United States is made up of immigrants but this country must impose better immigration laws to continue giving our children opportunities. We will always need immigrants from all over because it helps this country be unique but it must uphold fair immigration laws and stop turning the other cheek when it comes to immigration. Stronger immigration laws isn’t racist! All countries have strict immigration laws and requirements. People come to the United States for a better life for themselves and their families, your don’t leave one country to end up in the same country, meaning you came here for a better life, if we have so many illegal immigrants, criminals that get over here illegally from all over; not just Mexico, make sure people that are over staying their visas return to their country ASAP! The United States resources are getting drained and crime is increasing, cost of living is increasing, education resources are limited, jobs are limited, welfare costs are getting out of hand, and Americans are feeling like second-hand citizens in their own country which is causing presidential candidates like Donald Trump to be relevant!

Democrats need to take notes and truly tackle the immigration issues. I am not a Republican by any means but I am more of a conservative Democrat who believes in strict laws in regards to certain immigration policies. I am proud of being an American and I love my country! I also believe in legal immigration because I believe America is a melting pot made of immigrants! We must make sure that our children and the next generations have opportunities within their own country. I would love to hear Hilary Clinton’s immigration reform platform. I will admit if Donald Trump hadn’t started the conversation on immigration that this topic would not be discussed by any candidate this year! I am in a way very happy that Donald Trump is in the race to shake things up and challenge folks but I am scared that people are really starting to listen to him which is making him a real viable candidate very fast which is the backlash for President Obama not doing a lot with immigration reform. I believe that we should allow everyone that is working and paying taxes to have a path way to citizenship and let the children that are already born to illegal immigrants stay. However, there needs to be guidelines and rules established to get full citizenship. I do think that everyone with a felony criminal record that is illegal need to be sent back to their original country. I don’t support kicking people out of the United States if they are following rules and contributing to this country! Please let me know your feedback on Donald Trump and illegal immigration.

The Impact of N.W.A. on Culture, History, and People!

The O.G.'s: N.W.A. members (L to R): Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, DJ Yella, and MC Ren.

So everyone is talking about one of summer’s final movies which is called “Straight Outta Compton” which is based on the legendary rap group N.W.A. The movie grossed over $4.7 million when it was released on Thursday for preview screenings. There has been talks about creating this movie for years but I never thought it would ever become a reality because the members of the group couldn’t seem to agree with each other for the direction of the movie plus the founder of the group, Eazy E died in March 1995 from Aids related symptoms. The movie started getting real buzz in summer of 2014 when there was a casting call for certain type of woman to even try-out for any part within the movie. They created categories for African-American women and wanted them to be light-skinned,must have a big butt, have wavy or so-called “good hair” which is another way of saying no natural looking black hair, have a body with certain measurements, and you must be beautiful! This really made me upset as a woman and especially as an African-American woman reading this type of foolishness in 2014 (the time I heard about this casting call). However, I tried to see it in a different way…going back to N.W.A. era which was 1987 and that casting call was a real reality at that time in the Black community, we did define beauty by skin tone, hair, and body!

Now about the members of this legendary rap group, this group could not have happen without founder Mr. Eazy E AKA Eric Wright which is my opinion! Eazy E was a sharp business man because he wanted to get out of Compton and bring together some brothers to make history. Just think Eazy E would be 52 years-old this year if he was alive today! He was a high school drop out who sold drugs and started doing rap music underground. Eazy E started Ruthless records with his cousin in 1986. Eazy E wasn’t the best rapper but he had that thug image and swag that caught people’s attention. In 1987, Eazy E formed N.W.A. which included members; Ice Cube AKA O’Shea Jackson, Dr. Dre AKA Andre Young, DJ Yella AkA Antoine Carraby, and MC Ren AKA Lorenzo Patterson. The first album, Eazy -Duz-It was released in 1988 when I was in the 8th grade! I remember getting that album at the Venice swapmeet in Los Angeles and sitting back saying to myself,  “My mom is going to kill me if she hears this song!” It was the first I heard so much profanity in a song that sounds like children’s storytelling song! It really introduces Eazy E and the group and really laid out what to expect from N.W.A. and it put the West Coast on the map!

N.W.A. introduce the West Coast AKA California to the world, gangbanging, drug dealing, and the issues between Black people and the police. Eazy-Duz-It sold over 2 million records within the USA and additional records sales in the United Kingdom. The album made it on Billboard records and even made MTV recognize this new music phenomenal. Rap music wasn’t new by any means but gangsta rap was new and different plus with the added gangbanging mentality, it also introduced gang life to suburbia! The album that really took the group to mainstream was “Straight Outta Compton”. Ice Cube shortly left the group after the album dropped due to disagreements with Eazy E over management and money. Soon after Ice Cube left, Dr. Dre left due to the same concerns of bad management and money, it has been rumored for years that Suge Knight had to threaten Eazy E to help get Dr. Dre out his contract with Ruthless Records which is why Eazy E retaliated with his song in 1993 called, “It’s On (Dr. Dre) 187 Killa which was Eazy E diss album about Dr. Dre being an undercover bi-sexual man and wearing lace and lipstick when he was in a group prior to N.W.A. called “World-Class Wreckin Cru”.

N.W.A. ended in 1994, and Eazy E was investigated by the FBI and IRS for money laundering and not paying taxes. In February 1995, Eazy E went into the hospital which was reported all over the news for possible asthma symptoms, later it was released that he tested positive for Aids. Eazy E released a statement saying he barely used condoms and he knew he should have been tested years before his death due to his sexual activity. He got the disease from one of the many women he fooled around with over the years. A month after Eazy E was diagnosed with Aids he died of complications of the disease. He married Tomeka Wright just before his death who would later go on to manage his record company and his second group he founded, “Bones-Thugs-N-Harmony” in late 1993. Eazy E did make up with Dr. Dre just before his death. 

Say what you want about N.W.A. However, they did put Los Angeles especially Compton on the map when it came to rap music. Prior to N.W.A. majority of rappers were coming out of New York and back East.  There are some issues I have with the group like the cruel physical beating that Dr. Dre did to TV host Dee Barnes, the color hang ups of certain members o the group, the rude words used toward women especially women of color, and the glorifying of gangbanging! Truth be told, drugs, gangbanging, police brutality, disrespect of Black women, and teen pregnancy and teen sex was heavy during this era around the nation especially in South Central Los Angeles, Watts, and Compton which was over 70% African-American during these times.

N.W.A. had white suburbia kids singing their songs, dressing like them, and it gave them an insight into the inner-city which scared white middles-class parents and white upper-class parents. There videos created a new wave of rap videos showing barely dressed young women shaking their butts and created a stereotype Black woman! Yet N.W.A. at the same time open the door for many rappers to go mainstream, make money, and become known. It also gave South Central an identity to the world and introduced police brutality that happens everyday in the Black communities and it introduce the cruel impact of what cocaine was doing to the Black communities which created a lot of attention, and anti-drug programs like D.A.R.E were able to get more funds to fight the inner-city drug issues and teach kids to stay away from drugs. N.W.A. has made a huge impact in music and they open the door for other West Coast rappers which will never be forgotten. The are true legends and it’s just too bad that Eazy E isn’t around to see his legacy! Dr. Dre and Ice Cube are both successful artists and businessmen, MC Ren did try to continue rapping but not much success over the years, and after Eazy E passing DJ Yella went on to produce and direct porno movies until 2011 when he return to making music. DJ Yella was the only member of the group that attended Eazy E’s funeral which says a lot! 

I look forward to seeing this movie and remembering this era that was fun and deadly at the time. In some ways, I wish I could stay in that era where there no cell phones and we all had to interact with each other face-to-face, music was really good, we actually wrote on paper in school versus laptops and we had to learn to spell; not abbreviate everything, we actually went to the mall;not Amazon or E-Bay, and we knew our neighbors! Times have changed dramatically since this era and I am happy that this generation will be able to get a history lesson because I think they need it while my generation get to sit back and go down memory lane for two hours!