The Great Debate of Cecil the Lion and The Dentist that Killed Him!


This article may upset some folks but I had to talk about it in my way, there is this great debate over Cecil the Lion and the dentist that killed him, Dr.Walter Palmer in Zimbabwe. There are reports that he paid guides up to $50,000 to lure Cecil out of his safe park. I have been sitting back and not saying a word on this story purposely to really understand what happen and to just observe everything. I totally agree that this was a cruel murder of an innocent lion that shouldn’t have happen at all! However, my question to all the people who are protesting, sending nasty emails to Dr. Palmer family, and even publishing his home address online is what about the animals that we eat everyday like the fried chicken, beef meatloaf, and pork chops? I don’t think chickens, pigs, and cows died in an honorable way so we can have hamburgers! What about that famous Turkey or Ham for Thanksgiving? I am happy to see everyone take a stand in this type of animal cruelty against a lion that was just enjoying his retirement! I think what concerns me the most is that I see people across the globe standing up and sending tweets, LinkedIn messages, posting Pinterest pictures, Instagram Pictures, and Facebook messages and pictures in honor of Cecil. However, I haven’t seen this type of outrage or support when recently Sandra Bland ended up dead in Texas a week ago or even when Kathryn Steinle was killed in San Francisco a few weeks ago. Let me remind folks, Sandra Bland was the 28-year-old woman who was stopped for a moving violation which only warranted a ticket but was taken into custody and ended up dead 3 days later. Kathryn Steinle was a 32-year-old woman who was killed for no reason while hanging with her dad at the Pier in her hometown of Pleasanton, CA  in early July (i.e. the woman who Donald Trump is talking about). Both ladies had their whole lives ahead of them and yet there was very little global outrage when they were killed. It really made me question our society today in the way we value human lives. Two beautiful women got killed for no reason and the interest has been minimum compared to Cecile the Lion murder! The whole world is crying and screaming for justice in regards to Cecile but yet limited voices for Sandra and Kathryn! I got taken back by Jimmy Kimmel last night when he tried to hold back tears while talking about Cecil and asking people to donate in his honor. Where were the tears and request for donations when Sandra and Kathryn got killed?

I am one of the first to stand up against injustice and cruelty to humans or animals but let’s not act like Dr. Palmer is the first to hunt and kill animals. They hunt in the United States, United Kingdom, Latin America, and Africa. This is why we are able to wear leather, fur, eat meat, and use certain beauty products. He needs to be held accountable for his actions in killing Cecile but don’t expect me to march down the streets demanding justice when Sandra and Kathryn along with other people who have been killed or harassed for the color of their skin have not received justice! I think there should be harder laws that would give hunters time for killing animals like Cecil but I guess that would mean we all need to be in jail because we all have benefited in some way due to the killing of animals! I would like to see humans take a hard stand against the killing of other humans first because I am getting tired of seeing humans get killed like it’s hunting season!

I am glad Cecile is getting coverage and people are demanding for criminal charges in his death. No, I don’t think the dentist should be put on death row! I do believe that he should do some jail time and maybe contribute a certain part of his income to wildlife organizations for a certain period. I would just say stop publishing this man’s address because he does have a family who don’t deserve death threats or evil phone calls, stop protesting in front of his office or home, and stop all the name calling! Go change some laws and protest hunter associations, and also go protest the lawmakers who hunt for recreation!

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