KKK and New Black Panther Party Protest at South Carolina State Capital on Saturday, July 17, 2015

The KKK and BPP held protests outside of South Carolina State Capitol on Saturday, July 17, 2015. Both groups confronted each other and bringing their anger. For weeks now the KKK has been promising a march on the Capital. Each side was chanting “Black Power” or “White Power”. The KKK was shouting that this is their country and that the Blacks need to leave this country. There were five arrests on Saturday. Seven people were transported by ambulances for medical treatment per CNN news.

The KKK was protesting due to the confederate flag coming down last week. The KKK felt that it was an insult to take the flag down because they are saying that a lot of Americans died under that flag. The confederate flag has been flying over the State Capital for half a century. There were over 2,000 attendees at this rally.
During this protest there was a White supremacist that was an older man who needed help to get out the sun and a Black police officer by the name of Leroy Smith helped him to get shade and out of the sun per Yahoo news. The picture has gone viral and I am adding the picture of Leroy Smith helping the older gentlemen and the picture of the BPP confronting the KKK for your review. I feel that the confederate flag should have come down when the South agreed to join the union. I also feel that African-Americans in South Carolina are used to another way of life.

We see there is a huge Christian community that believes in forgiveness after the murder of 9 African-Americans in mid-July 2015 at the Emanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston, South Carolina. I don’t think that these murders or forgiveness would have happen in Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C., or Detroit. I understand forgiveness is important but I would have liked to see more anger, protests for injustice, and not quick forgiveness. I have been to South Carolina and saw firsthand of the confederate flag hanging at the State Capital. After seeing it firsthand I tried to understand how African-Americans can live and work in a state that doesn’t appear to see them as their equals.

I was happy to see the BPP attending the protest because I have been wondering if African-Americans are just content with living in a racist state. I don’t think riots should happen but I would have loved to see people speak up against the government and speak out in the media about the real deal in South Carolina. I do believe that the rule in South Carolina after talking to some folks from that state is to not start any trouble, work hard, attend school, and attend church. South Carolina is a bible state and Christianity is huge in white and black churches.

I know for a fact that I could never live in that state because I would not turn the other cheek in this type of situation.I would love to hear other folk’s opinions and viewpoints on South Carolina. Do you believe that the African-Americans should be standing and demanding change in that state along with showing a little more anger? What is your feelings on the BPP and KKK protests on Saturday and Mr. Leroy Smith helping the older White supremacist? Also, what is you take on the limited coverage on Dylan Roof who killed the nine African-Americans last month?



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